Melton's Tornado's Whirling Thunder
Melton's Tornado's Whirling Thunder Melton's Tornado's Whirling Thunder face

photo on right by Mary Thurston

Medicine hat pinto
May 29, 1995-March 25, 2011
Measured 27.5"
Little America Silver Tornado
Sire: Little America Silver Tornado 26" (thumbnail above)
Dam: Little America's Cinderella X-

I sold the dam, Little America's Cinderella X- by Xenon-Light Van't Huttenest, of this stallion to the Meltons of Wichita Falls, Texas, not knowing that she was pregnant. She had been in our show string and accidentally (and thankfully) was bred! This is the result. When I saw him I said I had to have that fabulous medicine hat son of Little America Silver Tornado, but thought there would be no way since he was the first foal ever born to the Meltons. After much ado, I was able to trade a beautiful show filly for him. We started breeding this 27" stallion in 1998 and were extremely pleased with the beautiful headed foals that he produced.

Here is a sample of his get:

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