Little America's Tornado Terrific
Terrific head Terrific runLittle America's Tornado Terrific
April 15, 1998
Measured 30.25"
AMHA 93134 R91350A

Rowdy Tornado
Sire: Little America's 007 Rowdy Tornado 27" (first thumbnail)
Dam: Sweetwater's Little Doll 29.5" (second thumbnail)

This spectacular bald-faced, blue-eyed stallion made his debut with foals in 2002. We have bred him to a wonderful group of palomino, sorrel, and buckskin mares. He is stamping them, wonderfully, and we find that they are a very special group of foals! Check our foals on a regular basis so that you won't miss that "special one" for yourself!

Some examples of his get:

Little America's Terrific Guinevere Miss Terrific Kiss Chicka Doll Wild Thing Buckarena Little America's Music of the Night

They are as follows: Little America's Terrific Guinevere, Miss Terrific, Kiss, Chicka, Doll, Wild Thing, Buckarena, Music of the Night.

Terrific brothers

And full brothers: Little America's Tom Terrific, Terrific Clown, & Terrific Chrome 1-512-295-4575Buda, Texas (United States)

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