Little America Sterling Fantastic II face
Little America Sterling Fantastic II
Little America Sterling Fantastic II right sideJunior
Homozygous black pinto
May 2, 2006
Measured 26" 4/30/2008
AMHA 170396

Little America's Sterling Fantastic
Sire: Little America's Sterling Fantastic 27.75" (thumbnail above)
Dam: Little America's It's Mardi Gras 25"

This stallion is a dream come true. We lost his sire to a pack of wild dogs in February, 2006, with only a limited number of foals due and had lost several of them. His dam, Mardi Gras, is our smallest mares and this was her first foal. I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of this one and had told my wife and our help that at the first sign of any problem to get her to the vet for a c-section because I wanted this foal alive! Around noon she laid down as I was starting to show horses to some visitors and she had a textbook delivery! Looking for a special name for him, it dawned on me that "the second" or Junior was the obvious choice. This stallion was tested and found to be homozygous.

His dam is, as I noted, one of our smallest mares and is one of our special "private collection" and he will be heading up part of that group later, hopefully. Mardi Gras is a daughter of our Orion son, Mr It, and her dam is a favorite of everyone here.

He was quite a hit at the Texas State FFA Convention as a foal, too!

Little America Sterling Fantastic II as a foal

He joined our breeding stallions in 2008. Here he is meeting his mares and his neighbors April 30, 2008. Looks like he thinks he is the "big man on campus"; the palomino next door is only 32".

Little America Sterling Fantastic II in the pasture

Here is one of his sons, Little America's Fan Man, who as a two-year-old is only 24.5" tall and has already been a Supreme Halter Horse and multiple Top Ten at the World Shows since he was a foal.

Little America's Fan Man 1-512-295-4575Buda, Texas (United States)

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