Little America's Kickapoo Joy Boy
Joy Boy right side Joy Boy left side
Black leopard appaloosa
May 27, 2005
Measured 30"
AMHA 161243

Desert Storm Hallelujah
Sire: Lazy H Desert Storm (first thumbnail)
Dam: Little Americas Tex Hallelujah (second thumbnail)

Desert Storm's final foal crop proved to be his very best and this colt may be the kingpin of his legacy. The Kickapoo Indians were noted for their appaloosas and in high school I sang in a barber shop quartet called The Kickapoo Joy Boys, so I thought it a fitting name for this fantastic colt!

Joy Boy, Beethoven

We had a little fun with him at the AMHA World Show, with Tony winning the Adult Costume World Championship and Lauren was Top Ten with him, too, in Youth Costume! Some people have no dignity, but do have lots of fun entertaining others with two versions of Cruella De Vil and one of her 101 Dalmations.

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