Little America's Fan Man

Little America's Fan Man
Little America's Fan Man
Black pintoStallion
May 10, 2010
Permanent Measured 24"
AMHA 200782

Little America Sterling Fantastic II
Sire: Little America Sterling Fantastic II (thumbnail above) 27" A170396
Dam: Little America's Miss Tornado 27.75" A51341

Fan Man's dam, Miss Tornado, is the first daughter of the late Little America's 007 Rowdy Tornado who started our "tiny program." This little guy, 16" at birth has a spot in our breeding program. His sire was the last foal of Reserve National Champion Little America Sterling Fantastic and out one of our tiniest mares who is 25.25". Bred to be tiny and produce tiny.

Top Ten at the 2010 AMHA World Show and the smallest horse in the show at 21".

Top Ten at the 2011 AMHA World Show measured 23.75", second smallest at the show.

He has started off the 2012 show season with two Grands and one Supreme Halter Horse award at the Ft. Worth Stock Show.

Update: three Grands in limited showing in 2013. Top Five at 2013 World Show shown by Lauren Greaves.

Little America's Fan Man at San Antonio show 1-512-295-4575Buda, Texas (United States)

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