Historical Stallions

Bond Sir Galahad
Bond Sir Galahad Bond Sir Galahad
Measured 27 1/2"

Sir Galahad was one of the most refined miniature stallions in history. Foaled in 1966, he possessed the qualities that we breed for and seldom get today. He was Mr. Bond's favorite stallion and held the honor of being pastured in the front yard of their home in Lavonia, Georgia. After Mr. Bond's death, most of the herd was dispersed at public auction that brought people from coast to coast to bid on the two hundred plus lots. Sir Galahad sold for a remarkable $7,000 in the sale in October of 1992 - remarkable since he was blind and 26 years old!! Purchased by Bob and Janet Lee of Hunt House Farms he was put down in 1997 because of failing health.

The footnote in the catalog shows the importance of the 27 1/2" sire in the Bond's breeding program:

"Sire of Champions: Bond Boozer, Bond Apollo, Bond Chauncey, Bond Coppertone, Bond Strut Ur Stuff, Bond Galahad's Legacy, and Bond Cheerio. Also grandsire of Bond Little Lucy B, National Grand Champion Mare."

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