Historical Stallions

Frequently people ask if I could give them information about one stallion or another. That encouraged me to assemble this page about some of the stallions that appear in many pedigrees. I have searched my files, browsed through miniature magazines since they started being published, and recalled many of the experiences that I have had with minis. With all the sources at hand, I will try to show some of the stallions you have asked about through the years. If you would like to correct anything that I may have listed in error, or would like to add to the information that I have, please feel free to send me your comments. I will be adding to this list as time goes by, so please check back to see if that horse in your horse's pedigree shows up eventually.

By the way, this list is not all inclusive, nor a list of the best of the breed. It is simply a list of horses that I know something about, that I have seen, or that I have learned about by talking to the owners or others who knew about them. If your favorite is missed, my apologies.... For other outstanding horses to the history of AMHA, check out our National Grand Champion pages, link below.

Ayers' Mini Red Man
Ayers' Mini Red Man Jr.
Bond Adonis
Bond Boozer
Bond Dynamo
Bond Showboy
Bond Sir Galahad
Bond Snippet
Bond Tiny Tim
Boone's Little Buckeroo
Double O Seven and One-Half Moto (AKA: Crescent's 007 1/2 "Moto")
Dell Tera's Moonman
Del's Apache
Del's Cowboy
Del's Little Man
Dipper's Duffy
Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy
Freeman's Star
Glenn's General Patton
Goforth Littlebit
Gold Melody Boy
Happy Appy
Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King
HNF's Senior
Komoko's King Tut
Komoko's Little Husseler
Komoko's Lil Champ
Komoko's Dark Destroyer
Lazy N Redboy
L & D Scout
Martin's Buster Bond
Orion-Light Van't Huttenest
Polaris-Light Van't Huttenest
Prince Tennessee of Monashee
Rhoten's Little Dandy
Shadow Oaks Paul Bunyan
Shady Acres Jo Jo
Shady Acres Joniko
Sid's Rebel
Silver Meadow's Phantom Storm
Stout's Tom Thumb
Stout's Mr. Pride
Summer's Mucho Macho 1-512-295-4575Buda, Texas (United States)

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