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Springtime Morning Tour
March 31, 2008

We had nine foals in the past couple of weeks and I needed to move them out of the "nursery" which is the yard of our home, and put them in a pasture until we start breeding in a couple of weeks. I brought my camera along and was glad that I did. Hope that you enjoy your "visit" with us!

Heart of Dakota and Little America's Terrific Gabriella quickly found a tree limb, perfect for scratching that spot she couldn't reach!

Little America's Struttin' Prime, YP Branch Silver Lining, Little America's Tony Pony, McSperrit's Delilah Dream

Little America's Tom Kat

Love these pictures of Mission Creek Peppy's Ruby Red and her colt, Little America's Joyful Easter A. D.

I love this shot of the pairs exploring the front pasture.

Little America's Irish Luck A. D. and Fantastic Red Hat

Still exploring.

Little America's Boogie's Big Event and Miss Terrific

The "maternity ward" pasture during the day. All the mares are around the foaling barn at night.

Little America's: Miss Good Friday SS, Loud N Tuff, Miss Triumph, Silver Victoria

YP Branch Silver Lining (by Little America Silver Tornado) and Little America's Struttin' Prime.

They finally settled down where we could watch them from the porch! It's a "tough job, but someone has to do it."

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