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A Day With Granddaddy

My name is Grayson and I live in New York, but I got to go to Texas where I had fun helping Granddaddy at Little America Miniature Horses, the ranch that he and Grammy own.

I really like trucks and a great big one came with a load of oats to feed all the animals.

The driver had to climb a big ladder to the top of the feed bin to fill it.

Once all the feed was in the bin I helped fill all the buckets and put them in the Gator so we could feed the animals. 


I got to help feed and water the horses, donkeys, llamas, dogs, chickens, peacocks and fantail pigeons.

I got to pet one of his miniature chickens.  The rooster's feathers felt funny.

Granddaddy even let me drive the Gator a little bit.

After I fed the miniature donkeys, I took a break.  They thought it was funny that I was in their feed trough playing with their food.  I can't play with MY food!

Those llamas sure had big ears and big eyes.  Besides the miniature horses there were a couple of big horses, too.

While I was there Annie the Great Pyrenees dog had some puppies and they grew huge in just a few days.

These are peacocks and in the spring they grow really long tails and make a loud screech when they talk.

When we finished with the oats, then I took a break in the hay barn before we got some hay to take to all the animals.

It seems like there is always trash that the wind blows everywhere.  I helped clean up some of it.

Then I had lots of fun brushing and combing Tiny One.  She was just my size!

I got to sit on the tractor, but we didn't get to ride on it this trip.  Maybe next time.

After we finished all our work I went in the house and told everyone that Granddaddy helped me do all the work.  Then I played with my baby sister Ella and with my Aunt Lauren and helped Grammy water her flowers.

Later in the afternoon Aunt Lauren took me fishing and LOOK WHAT I CAUGHT!  A BIG fish!

I can't wait 'til I get to go back to Texas for another visit.  Granddaddy says we need to move there so that I can help him every day.  That would be fun.


Designed with love by Granddaddy for Grayson's fourth birthday.


Tony Greaves

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