Theatrical Minis


There is always the question of, "What do you do with them?" A new category answer for that one is, "You can put them on stage!" In the past few months, here are some of our horses performing at various places:
Lauren's gelding, Little America's Xenon Dimitri, joined her on stage at the Hays CISD production of Oklahoma! in early 2006.

Little America's Xenon Dimitri

Lucky Four Skippa Gold Sensation, playing the role of Trigger, with Tony and Carol as Roy and Dale, in Route 66, at First Baptist Church, in Austin, TX.

Lauren and Tony both have had fun with costume classes, too. Here we both are as Cruella De Vil at the AMHA World 2006 Show.  That's Little America's Kickapoo Joy Boy as the Dalmation.
Joy Boy's costume

The next year, we dressed up one of our mares, Red Hat, and invited the San Marcos red hat ladies group to dress up for costume.

Red Hats 1-512-295-4575Buda, Texas (United States)

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