Little America Goes to Russia

Just thought I would share some pictures of the horses after they arrived in Russia just in time for the first snow of the season:

Here is the ship that the horses took from Germany to Finland.

And the beautiful van that took them from Finland to Russia:

They certainly traveled in style, arriving in Russia during the first snow of the season.  You can see that they are living in wonderful style in their new barn.

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The following is an article that Peter (Calvin) Goryansky wrote for a Russian publication.  He translated it into English for me and I helped him edit is somewhat, but thought that you might enjoy it.

«The story of small people with the big Love to Miniatures»

     It all began in February, 2005, when at breakfast my family, while watching the morning news on TV, saw a report about American Miniature Horses. My Father has always loved originality, and always likes to be the first to find something new, something that has not been seen in Russia. From that moment my dad couldn’t quit thinking about the miniatures and was determined to be the first to bring them to Russia.    

    We have always loved animals, but we have none other than dogs.  Once we decided on miniature horses, we began to study in earnest.  We read many books, studied anything we could find on the Internet, went to exhibitions - but all the exhibitions were for big horses because in Russia practically nobody knew anything about the Miniature Horse. When we were completely convinced that Miniature Horses were what we really wanted, we began to work with the Russian governments learning documents needed for import. This was very difficult because Miniature Horses had never been registered in the Russian Federation. Also we spent quite some time searching for farms to visit in the USA, finally sending out about ten emails to farms that we wished to visit. From all our contacts we finally received an e-mail message from Mr. Tony Greaves who was the former president of American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA), and also is one of the most successful and long time breeders in the world of Miniature Horses! We agreed upon a meeting.

    In June my parents, Leonid and Alla, went with me to the USA. We had never been there before; therefore the first days in New York made a big impression on us.  Upon arrival in state Texas, we were struck with an atmosphere which reigns in the real western small towns with cowboys, with saloons… We have a remarkable time in the city of Austin, capital of Texas where President George Bush had been governor. The Greaves family farm of Little America was just a few miles south of the capital. When we arrived at Tony's the first time, his wife Carol and daughter, Lauren were very friendly! We examined his huge ranch, and Tony told us in great detail about almost 250 Horses which are kept on his farm. He loves the small size of Miniatures and had probably the largest herd of the smallest horses in America.. After the first meeting we selected several Miniature Horses, several of which were from excellent bloodlines and had show records of their own.  We had learned about lots of famous lines from our study on the internet and were glad to get to see some offspring from those lines.  The next day Tony explained to us about shows in the USA, about registration procedures, about creating clubs, and answered our many questions. … After a week in Austin, we had selected sixteen Miniature Horses who will be the first to arrive in Russia!   One night, we went with the Greaves to a supper in an unusual Texas BBQ restaurant where we simply talked and enjoyed the Texas meal!  We learned that Texans eat a lot more than Russians!

    On arrival in Russia, we were in constant contact with Tony, sending him many questions, and working together on many documents. During this time we got acquainted with many people in Russia which have helped us with the finalization of the documents, shipping and also in the care of horses.

    The negotiations with the Russian Federation stretched the usual thirty day quarantine in Texas to almost ninety days.  Since the shipment to Amsterdam was finally scheduled for the beginning of October, we were able to enjoy another trip to the USA, this time to visit the most important show, the American Miniature Horse World Show, which took place in Ft. Worth, Texas.  We stayed there almost a week and experienced a great variety of emotions! We were struck with amount of classes in competitions (more than 200), Tony introduced us to many very interesting people, and we visited the well-known auction where we bought one more magnificent Horsy from Tony's farm ready for the next shipment! At the show I especially enjoyed the Liberty Class, where the horse performs with music, showing beautiful movement and natural beauty.   When the music stops, the best performers approached their owner to be haltered. We had a wonderful time! After that we went back to visit our friends at Little America.  We appreciated Tony's hours of work, with the USDA, export agent, and veterinarians, without which Russia would not get to see these fine creations! And we were so appreciative of Mikki Markowsi, of Emo-Trans, hard work!  It was sometimes difficult to work with some people all over the world, but Mikki helped us properly to make the transfer!

    After our visit with the Greaves, we drove to Houston, meeting the plane which would take them, and us, to Holland where they were to be quarantined again, this time for three weeks, while we cared of final preparations of documents and a new stable. After the quarantine, the horses went on a special big trailer to Germany and there they traveled by ship to the Russian border were my father and brother Evgeny met them.  .The road was difficult, with several stops and sleepless nights because of bad weather. However, on October 19, 2005, our sixteen American Miniature Horses stepped on to Russian ground! They have arrived!  Our farm which we are calling «Little Paradise», is now on the top of the world with happiness!

    The horses were a little restless upon arrival.  Of course they have arrived at a place new to them.  We have spent a lot of time figuring out who are best to share stalls, calming them, petting them, watching them , we seemed more worried than they were!  In the morning, they began to get acquainted with us closer. And here, at last, three stallions have fields in which to run and to do a lot of playing… I am sure that it was a surprise when they went outside and probably for the first time in their life, they saw snow! It was the first snow of the season … they had fun, and we were pleased!  Then the other horses got to enjoy the white miracle»!

"Now my parents, brother, his girlfriend, Natalia, and I carry are spending a lot of time with them.  We investigate each other, and they get to know us, as well.  The one thing which is certain is that we like American Miniature Horses!

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