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Starburst joins cast of Teen Moms OC - video

Ride TV - Miniature Horse Documentary - Video

Little America Minis join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills- Video of fillies arriving in Beverly Hills and the Housewives' reactions.

Wild About Barns - Little America - Video

Sensational Goldie visits KXAN Studio 512 - Video

All About Little America
Some students from the University of Texas recently came to Little America to interview Tony and Carol and make a short documentary on the ranch.

Breeder thinks small at Buda ranch
Wes Ferguson of Impact News did a story on the ranch.

Alternative Pets
The Austin American-Statesman came to Little America to work on an article about alternative pets.

Miniature Tale
The April/May 2012 edition of the AMHA Miniature Horse World magazine featured the story of how our Thursday Kids program began.

Thursday Kids - Fort Worth Stock Show 2012
The Thursday Kids make it into the Fort Worth Star Telegram during the 2012 Fort Worth Stock Show.

Little America goes to Russia
We have shipped abroad many times, but this trip to Russia was the first one where we received pictures to see how the horses travelled!

Theatrical Minis
Our family has a history with and love for theatre. We take every chance we get to integrate that love with our love of our horses!

The Incredible Boys
Tony talks about two of his favorite horses in this Miniature Horse World "Legends in Miniature" article.

Texas FFA Convention
Little America hosted a booth at the Texas FFA Convention to promote the American Miniature Horse. 1-512-295-4575Buda, Texas (United States)

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