Little America's LadySelfridgeBoogie
Little America's LadySelfridgeBoogie
Little America's LadySelfridgeBoogie
Palomino Overo Pinto Filly
April 27, 2014
Measured 30.5"8/27/15

Sire: Melton's Fantazon's Boogie Nights 31" #146070
Dam: Fantasy Corral's Touch of Gold 30.5" #108820

What a delightful surprise on a Sunday night! We were watching Masterpiece's Mr. Selfridge and I went out to put the mares in the foaling barn for the night and hit the jackpot with this gorgeous filly. For years I have tried to produce a Trigger lookalike with exquisite conformation. It is great to reach a goal... This one may have to be a keeper and a welcome addition to our show string!

Update 5/21/15: Just discovered that she is not a palomino, as first thought, but a palomino OVERO. Didn't notice the belly splash until her color started darkening. Now to send in her papers and color correct them.

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