Little America's Aggie Wrangler
Wrangler headshot Wrangler left side Wrangler right side
Palomino Pinto Gelding
April 21, 2008
Measured 29" 3/7/9
Little America's Rowdy Cowboy
Sire: Little America's Rowdy Cowboy 30.25" A85704 (thumbnail above)
Dam: Piney's Stardust 33.5" A92265

Stardust is one of Lauren's mares and is a remarkable broodmare. Her foals always have her great neck and so far all she has had for us are palominos and this gorgeous palomino pinto gelding. He came out running and looks like he will have that "show me" attitude! 1-512-295-4575Buda, Texas (United States)

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