Little America's Holy Transport
Little America's Holy Transport
Little America's Holy Transport Little America's Holy Transport
Bay Appaloosa Colt
April 27, 2018
8/1/18 measured 25.25"

Sire: Little America's My Holy Holy #219256 28"
Dam: Little America's Galaxy Traveler #A161032 28.5"

Galaxy, or as we jokingly refer to her, Stage Mom, because two of her daughters are on TV: one on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and the other on "Teen Moms OG". has usually had tiny palomino foals. We decided to test our young snowcap stallion, My Holy Holy, to see if he was really homozygous and this is the result. I was hoping for a palomino appaloosa foal, but I am excited to get this one, too!

Carol and I had just returned from our church's Black Box Theater, Trinity Street Players, in conjunction with the Austin Jewish Repertory Theater's production of a Holocaust play, "Kinder Transport" a little over an hour before the birth of this little guy, and as is often the case, used our evening to help name him. It follows the theme of his dam which started when her sire was born four hours after his very pregnant dam arrived from Florida!

If you are looking for a TINY APPALOOSA, this should get your attention. They don't come much smaller than this and he is bred to be tiny with parents in the 28" categorty. 1-512-295-4575Buda, Texas (United States)

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