Little America's Onyx SS
Little America's Onyx SS
Little America's Onyx SSLittle America's Onyx SS
Black Filly with Appaloosa Characteristics
April 8, 2018
4/26/18 measured 25.25"

Sire: Little America's Sterling Storm #141393 28.5"
Dam: Little America's Orion Paula #205687 31.75"

I will be surprised if this filly doesn't color as she ages. She already is starting striped hooves. Both sides have lots of appaloosa horses including Little America's Orion All Over, Xenon-Light Van't Huttenest, Lazy H Desert Storm, Chianti, plus Orion-Light Van't Huttenest, the king of pintaloosas!. Her refinement and style lead me to think that she may have show potential. I really her head set and great ears and nice long legs.

Update: 7/26/18 she is developing mottling and white hairs and will likely color fairly quickly. 1-512-295-4575Buda, Texas (United States)

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