Little America's Secret's Mahogany
Little America's Secret's Mahogany
Little America's Secret's MahoganyLittle America's Secret's Mahogany
Black Colt
April 26, 2017
27.75" 8/16/17

Sire: LR Phantom's Secret Storm #A192402 32.75"
Dam: Little America's Skip's Sunday #A193987 32.25"

This elegant colt looked brown under the foaling barn lights when he was born, but is jet black in the sun, but I had named him already and I like the name, so there. Watch for his uncle, Little America's Skip's Friday, at the Texas shows shown by the Baker girls, Emily and Kayla. They have broken him to drive themselves and he will be shown in driving in 2018.

Mahogany's sire is a Reserve World Champion and his grandsire has over 29 World Titles, including an astounding FIVE TIMES World Grand Champion Single Pleasure Driving Horse. 1-512-295-4575Buda, Texas (United States)

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