Little America's Terrific Cascaron
Little America's Terrific Cascaron
Little America's Terrific CascaronLittle America's Terrific Cascaron
Silver Splash Overo Filly
April 15, 2017
8/10/17 25"

Sire: Little America's Tornado Terrific #A93134 30.25"
Dam: Little America's Silver Slipper #A161030 32"

We seldom get overo coloration so we were estatic when this little doll hit the ground. One of our Thursday Kid families wanted to see a foal born and when Silver Slipper started showing signs of labor, I called them to come quickly. Unfortunately she decided on a quick delivery so they missed it by a few minutes. They did get to see her first steps and one of them even remarked, "Our next show filly." She looks like she won't be tiny, even though she is double bred Little America's 007 Rowdy Tornado, the 27" founder of our tiny program many years ago! She will likely be a keeper, at least at this point. 1-512-295-4575Buda, Texas (United States)

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