Little America's Jocelyn S S
Little America's Jocelyn S S
Little America's Jocelyn S SLittle America's Jocelyn S S
Blue Roan Pinto Filly
April 19, 2017
27" 2/14/18

Sire: Little America's Sterling Storm #141393 28.5"
Dam: Little America's Joyful Juliet #A193993 29.25"

This mare line is a favorite of ours starting with great grand dam, JTR Santa Rosita, followed by Little America's Fantastic Rosaline on to her daughter, Joyful Juliet and now this little doll, Sterling Jocelyn. The Shakespearean line is Lauren's choice since they all belong to her. Juliet's foal from last year went to England and is a tiny leopard appaloosa colt. Bond Dynamo and Orion-Light Van't Huttenest play a part in this pedigree along with Xenon-Light Van't Huttenest, Lazy H Desert Storm, World Champion Little America's Kickapoo Joy Boy, Reserve World Champion Little America's Sterling Fantastic.

This filly will likely be pintaloosa when she matures, but we will have to wait to clip her for a while. 1-512-295-4575Buda, Texas (United States)

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