Little America's Chip's Orion Spirit and Orion Paula
Little America's Chip's Orion Spirit
Little America's Chip's Orion Spirit
Black Colt
April 14, 2017
26.75" 2/14/18

Sire: Chip's a Boy #A 149085 27.75"
Dam: Little America's Orion Paula #A 205687 31.75"

We were amazed the night that this colt was born because his dam is one of our most colorful mares and he has 21 appaloosas in his pedigee. In fact, his pedigree is sort of a "Who's Who" of appaloosas. One of the first appaloosa imported into the USA when AMHA started, Chianti. Of course, although a pintaloosa, the legendary Orion-Light Van't Huttenest is featured three times in his pedigree and he has that "Orion look" for which Vern Brewer was so noted during the last years of his life. Others featured include Winner's Circle True Colors, Brewer's Orion Illusion, Xenon-Light Van't Huttenest, Little America's Orion All Over and Lazy H Desert Storm.

Many appaloosas are born solid but slowly over their first five years of their life gradually take on appaloosa coloring. It would actually surprise me if Spirit does NOT color. Regardless, his quality is outstanding. 1-512-295-4575Buda, Texas (United States)

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